~I write articles and creative fiction of all kinds, for all sorts of uses, originating mostly just from madly writing on my own and being drawn into Things. I’ve been published in the North Wales Weekly News on a regular basis this past couple of years, and am open to new opportunities. I am constantly experimenting with my writing, and I’m hoping to publish more in the future.

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Poetry collection by Mary Kathryn Gough

Reviews for Idiolalia:

“Gough’s poems are excessive and wonderful and full of surprises. Like all good art, they trip us into a fuller experience of our own lives. She can make a leaf or a line break into just the insurrection we need to feel the moment, and transcend it.”

-David Kopp, Executive Editor, Multnomah Books

“Mary Kathryn Gough’s poetry revels like that of e.e. cummings, dances like that of Mary Oliver, and prays like that of Gerard Manley Hopkins. But the shimmer and energy between each word is hers alone.”

-Kathleen Popa, Author of To Dance In the Desert and The Feast of Saint Bertie

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